6 Ways to Deal with Construction near your Apartment

When it comes to construction and noise pollution, it’s very rare that you can have one without the other, especially when there are residential areas concerned.

As a Palmdale resident, it is your right to be concerned with getting plenty of uninterrupted sleep, but as far as the construction crews are concerned, the sound ordinance is the only measure they abide by when it comes to noise.

Don’t despair! There are several ways to help alleviate the noise pollution in your home, and ways to reach a compromise if the ordinance isn’t followed:

  1. Install acoustic curtains
  2. Talk to your landlord about installing double-pane windows
  3. Add a thick window film to the glass
  4. Use a white noise machine
  5. Invest in noise cancelling headphones
  6. Address the noise pollution with your municipal noise control officer