Mark your Calendar – June Events near your Palm Chaparral Home

Attention Star Wars fans! You do not want to miss this very special showing of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” that will be shown at the Rooftop Cinema Series on South Lake, this coming June 25, 2016. Registration is free and you must print out your tickets in order to get into the special showing. to RSVP and to get information about your tickets, go to the website of The event starts at 6:00 PM with a live DJ performance, and food, snacks and beverages are available. You may bring your own food and refreshments, however we as that you be responsible. Be sure to bring your reclining beach chair, to kick back and enjoy the DJ show while you are waiting on the 8:00 Pm movie showing! VIP seating arrangements are available, you will need to print and bring with you, a printed receipt showing a same day purchase to obtain the limited VIP seating.

Guests are to park on the West Side of the Lake near Colorado Blvd. Bring weather appropriate clothing with you to ensure comfort and in the event of possible uncomfortable weather conditions. This event is sponsored by South Lake business Associates, and Pasadena Towers.