Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is about celebrating the man who raised and shaped you.

He introduced you to Nirvana and taught you how to tie your shoes and ride a bike. He made you a swing set and a wooden skateboard.

So why not go back to your roots of homemade gifts and gift him with something memorable and inventive?

While you may not exactly want to make a hand traced “turkey” card, or glue a bunch of cotton balls to construction paper, think about all the homemade items you can find on Etsy that are both personal and useful.

Is your dad the handyman around the house? Then think about getting him a hammer with a meaningful engraving in the handle.

Does he love making wooden furniture? A laser printed wood slice with a picture of your family is definitely unique and affordable.

For the father that love camping, get him a personalized engraved pocket knife.