Summer Day Trips: Palmdale to Oxnard

Located just an hour and a half away, Oxnard is worlds away from Palmdale as it boasts sunny skies and sandy beaches that beckon you to dip your toes in the water.

Not nearly as far as Big Bear Lake, and not nearly as secluded, Oxnard is a great area for trying wine and new restaurants. Plus you can find the renowned strawberry and artichoke farms.

If you want to hang with the locals, visit historic F and G Streets. And, if you love all things spicy, keep in mind that there are 20 Mexican restaurants within an 8-block radius.

There are also three wineries on the Ventura County Wine Trail; Herzog, Magnavino, and Rancho Ventavo.

And here’s a fun fact: In 1921, Paramount Studios used the local beach for the films Egypt, and The Sheik. The area also housed famous celebrity Clark Gable.