Palmdale: Super Fun Summer Activities

Palmdale: Super Fun Summer Activities

Winter and spring are well and done. Time to whip out your sunglasses and your summer clothes! Summer is here and it’s time to get out and start having fun. Don’t let your kids have all of the fun. Here are some things you can do during the summer.

Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich

You know you are allowed to have more than one dessert. Why not have two? It’s hot, so you’ll want to eat a lot of ice cream. But you should try making your own ice cream sandwiches, with your favorite flavors!

Go On A Road Trip

You don’t need to sit around the apartment all season, you know. Gather up the family or friends and head out on the open highway for a fun road trip.

Play Basketball

Sports are always a good idea, am I right? You can head out to one of your local parks and pick up a game of basketball with some friends.